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Transitioning From Manual Trading To Semi Automatic Trading 

4 Reasons to trade with Expert advisors or EAs. Manual trading can be an emotional roller coaster and many mistakes can happen from it. Trading with EAs or expert advisors can be done very easily. You can get them in many places and downloaded and start them very easily. Checking the market place on MT4 or MT5 is a great place to start or on fiverr.


Checking on how the EA works is very important and to see if it can be changed or modified. When using the strategy tester for them see how you can improve the EA or see where its weaknesses are. But overall adding it to your toolbox to improve your own trading.


Creating your own EA will take longer and much more time but the long term rewards is unlimited. Starting off learning MQL4 first then learning MQL5 is the best in my opinion and will give you a large range of data to use and grow from. There are many online course you can find, I would search through YouTube and research about it first. some have beginner courses which you can take and see if its for you and for free saving you money. I am creating a free course on MQL4 and MQL5 so please check it out below on the free information. click this link below for free MQL4 and MQL5 information.

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