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Custom Stock Trading Robot


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Gig Overview

I will create a custom trading robot on MT4 based on your trading strategy.  I can add multiple different indicators or technical analysis for the trading robot. I will code the robot in MQL4.


Gig Includes 

  1. Entry requirements

  2. Exit requirements

  3. Profit requirements

  4. Stop loss requirements

  5. indicators (Depends On Client)

  6. Risk Management

Gig Does Not Include

  • Ready Made Robots


  • Ready Made Indicators outside MT4 default indicators

Other gig information

  • Create custom Forex trading robots on mql4

  • Create custom indicators for mt4

  • Forex or Cryptocurrency help or support

  • MQL4 help/ support/ code review/ code assistance

  • Live Trading strategy help or review

  • Strategy back testing assistance 

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